I will PROVIDE GUARANTEED RANKING IMPROVEMENT in 9-12 Days, 2000+ High Quality Backlink

I will Get High Ranking For Your Keywords, Using Proven Method.

Highly recommended for:

1. Keyword search result less than 10 million, & monthly search <15,000; Even with high result & search are valid for service, that may just take longer time to see improvement if keywords target with new website.
2. New website targeting for specially medium & Low competitive keywords.
3. Website whose ranking struck in under 100 & they want to increase much.
4. Old website with good ranking in 15’s, 20’s, 30’s; they must try this once.
5. If you want to see a good ranking increase, i recommend using this for 1 website and no more than 3 keywords.The more keywords you provide the less the effect will be.

Why should we purchase?

1. Service provide both ON-Page and Off-Page Optimization, So this is a full Google Panda & Google Penguine treatment, Let me Tell you one thing if you are new to seo, Google Penguine is all about how well is your pages are optimized for off-page optimization, so we do provide both.
2. Unlike other Gig’s, here you will see improvement rapidly within 12 days.
3. Provide number of mixed links i.e. Web2.0 open link wheel, 2-tier pyramid,
Social Bookmarkings Drip Feed, Profile Links, Article Links, Wiki Links, Edu Links.
4. Totally white hat SEO, no harm in use, we will not leave any footprints.

How do we work? – What all you will get

1. ON PAGE Optimization here we will ask you to make changes, if needed
3. Direct Social Bookmarkings of all Linkwheel nodes.
4. Provide Drip Feed social Bookmarking.
5. Create 6 Best Channels To Rank + Social Signal.
6. High PR2-PR9 Web2.0 Profiles Links to all Nodes and to main URL
7. 5000+ High PR1-PR7 Profiles Links to all Nodes, + 200 to main URL
8. Our Special 3Tier BACKEND SHELL TREATMENT using Social Bookmarkings, Article Submission and Press Release (Hidden Strategy Can’t Reveal it’s a Main Course)
9. Drip Feed Submission of Backlinks with Natural Backlinks Movement.
10. 20000+ Blog comments on Tier2 as Tier3
11. SERP’S monitoring on All Keywords.

Look forward to helping you out!