“Omar knows his stuff and is THE secret SEO weapon for many Internet insiders. It’s about time He’s putting something out there in the marketplace that really works. He stands behind everything He does and really takes care of his ‘tribe’.”
–Yanik Silver, founder Maverick1000

“Bottom line is, I have made MULTIPLE MILLIONS of dollars using Omar’s systems and promoting his educational material and software to my customers. Omar pulls in the best of the best for his workshops.”
–Brad Callen, Bryxen Software, Inc.

“Omar Faruk is one of the top SEO experts on the planet. I’ve made so much money over the years with his information and systems. When it’s SEO, I go straight to Omar. I can’t wait to promote this new product, it’s going to absolutely ROCK!”
–Jim Sweeney Founder, HonestEonline.com

“Omar and I have been good Friends since 2008. We started a cash-cow business together back in 2008, and He’s one of the only people I have ever trusted enough to teach SEO to my students… Omar Faruk is an SEO Master.”
–Jeff Johnson, TrafficandLeadsTrainingAcademy.com

“We took a new business from $0 to close to $1m/year in recurring revenue in just a few months. He holds great events, really cares about his customers, surrounds himself with smart people, and knows his stuff.”
–Ben Roy, Cloak Hosting

“I’ve been in the online/Internet Marketing world since 2001, and have been blessed to be Faruks with Omar for over half of that time. He’s seen it all in the SEO world and knows what it takes to get RESULTS. Any time I have a ‘what’s working now’ SEO question, Omar is the person to ask.”
–Chris Zavadowski, Centreville, VA

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